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H. Roe Bartle Summer Camp 2016

(DISCLAIMER) These are the pictures I have available. I do not have everybody and cannot take pictures everywhere. If you would like to add/remove please email me for inclusion/removal from the page and I am happy to make changes. I am sorry if I missed anyone. Thanks to those that shared theirs as I tend to live in the moment.

IMG_20160723_124044It was a great summer camp for all this year.  IMG_6199

Merit badges were earned.






IMG_0320 IMG_7126

Peach Floats were ordered

IMG_7777 Adventures were had.


The Trading post where boys visited frequently

The Trading post where boys visited frequently

Cardboard Gladiator competition

Cardboard Gladiator competition

Raccoons and parents visited and a general good time was experienced by all.

chillin on visitor Sunday

chillin on visitor Sunday

IMG_0386 IMG_0339 IMG_2993 IMG_6356

Yes it was hot, but that did not detract from racking up another great summer camp experience. Below is the picture of everyone from camp.


It was a HOT camp this year with only 1 day with a heat index under 100 (The last day).  All other days were heat alert2 with temperatures from 95-100 and a head index over 100. Survival tools for the week were, Water, More Water, Fan, and shadeIMG_0285 IMG_7320 IMG_6497

We had the following elevations in Mic-O-Say for 2016 Bartle HOW HOW!

The following Troop 257 Scouts became Braves in the Tribe of Mic O Say 7/24/16:IMG_4251


Nicolas Camburako – Swift White Puma
Benjamin Curtis – Swift Straight Green Arrow
Owen Russell – Swift Scarlet Stinging Scorpion
Andrew Schatte – Fierce Stealthy Hawk
Weston Shane – Distracted Wolf
Paul VanBooven – Sees Talking Pictures
Luke Wiedenmann – Son of Little Climbing Red Squirrel

Also 7/24/16 at Lone Bear Council Ring, the Tribe of Mic O Say welcomed the following Honored Women and Honorary Warrior:

Honorary Women and Honarary Warrior

Honored Women and Honorary Warrior

Dan Durig – Smoking Black Fox
Carmen Linderman-VanBooven – Lightning Striking Dry Grass
Katie Schatte – Creeping Iron Turtle

Also 7/24/16, Max Bortka, Runner Free Spirit, was elevated to Keeper of the Sacred Bundle.IMG_9376

On Friday 7/22/16, at Lone Bear Council Ring, the following Troop 257 were elevated to Warriors in the Tribe:


Alexander Erwin: Helper of Walking Catfish
Joseph George – Lone Blazing Red Hawk
Dominik Warren – Shadow of Silent Stalking Redtail Hawk

The following Scouts were elevated to Firebuilders of the Tribe:



Aaron Masters – Enduring Bear
Nick McKee-Rist – Swift Hunting Wildcat
David Muirhead – Pestering Wasp
Kevin Thomas – Whispering Silver Wolf

Also on Friday, Dillon Hollander, Firebuilder Mighty Black Pigeon, was elevated to Tom Tom Beater in the Tribe.


On Call Night on Wednesday 7/20/16, Jed Scott became a Foxman.

Also on Call Night, Dillon Hollander worked his paint and earned First Light at the Sawmill Council Ring.

Dillon's first flame

Dillon’s first flame

Dillon's first flame

Dillon’s first flame

We had lots of fun at the outpost where below 10 boys shot at paintball targets.

20160718_115433 20160718_115427 20160718_113043 20160718_113028

Lots of fun was had in the dining hall.IMG_0247

Cardboard Gladiator competition

Cardboard Gladiator competition

Rain and heat relief on Day 9.

Rain and heat relief on Day 9.


Christmas in July




It was a  very tiring session due to the heat. Most of the boys always seem to have lots of energy even when the scoutmasters have worn out.  See Day 9…..the 9th Day, but even some of the boys were tired.


Visitor Sunday leader meeting

Visitor Sunday leader meeting where next years summer camp scout master was nominated





Previous page information

We drew the 5th Session this year. We will be camping from:

Sunday July 17, 2016 until Tuesday July 26, 2016. We are in the Sawmill site Oak Campsite.

Since we are leaving on Sunday morning we will be meeting at Metcalf South Mall parking lot in order to not interfere with Sunday Church Parking.

Visitors day will Sunday July 24, 2016

In order to meet the council’s submission request we ask you to complete the Sign Up no later than April 12th.

Scout and Full Time Adult Sign Up Here

Part Time and Split Time Adult Sign Up Here

The Camp Newsletter can be downloaded Here

Camp is located 5525 NE Scout Camp Rd, Osceola, MO 64776

Updated Health Forms!!!


 Which sections of the medical form need to be completed is dependent on your individual circumstances.

 Monthly Campout only

Part A and B:  To be completed by anyone (youth or adult) only planning to attend a troop campout of 72 hours or less during the next 12 months.


Part A, B, and C:  To be completed by anyone (youth or adult) attending a campout over 72 hours – i.e. Bartle.

 Philmont Crew

Part A, B, C and give High-Adventure Risk Advisory to Health Care Provider.  To be completed by anyone (youth or adult) attending a high adventure campout over 72 hours – i.e. Philmont.  Note this is the same form as for Bartle, but parents and Health-Care Providers are to be given the risk advisory pages.

A form may be completed on-line and then printed for signatures, at the following link:

BSA medical form

Please note that Part C – Physicians section, is only valid for 1 year.  So to be used at Bartle, it cannot have been signed prior to July 27, 2015 – i.e. one year from the last day of the current year’s camping session.

Adults not sure if you will be attending a campout are encouraged to go ahead and fill out a medical form now, so that we have a copy in our files if you later decide to attend an event.  Without a properly completed form you will not be able to attend a troop campout or Bartle.

Bartle attendees in need of financial help.

The troop never wants a boy to miss camp because of family financial constraints.  We will do what we can to help ensure your son can attend summer camp at Bartle.  Before asking the troop for help, we would first like you to apply for assistance from the council.  The 2016 Campership form is posted for download.  They wanted this returned by March 4th.  That is not a hard-and-fast deadline, but it does mean they have started making awards and their funds may run out. If you feel that you may need some help paying for camp, please complete this document and return it to Drew’s attention as soon as possible.  Drew will need to complete the leaders section and return it to the council office asap.


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